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Michigan Fishing Tips Spinner Harness Rigs

Spinner Harness Michigan Fishing
    This is the way I tie a spinner Harness when I'm fishing Walleye in the summer months. The fish slow down a bit from the feeding after spawning and settle down in the weed beds, usually around 8 to 12 feet when they are feeding. They sit on the bottom and look up from the weeds waiting on the summer days. The spinner Harness allows me to move and follow the break line at a slower speed then crank baits and still keep the bait off the bottom.

    I use a smaller silver Indiana Blade in front, gold on dull days, for that flash of scales look. I follow this with a bead or two and a floater bead. The bead helps keep the hardware up at slow speeds. At this point I put a quick release clivis and a larger Colorado Blade that will spin at the lowest speeds. I find orange & green work the best in these lakes on bHarnessht days. In the evening I stick with black and white. Walleye do not see colors in low light.
    I like two #4 wire hooks about 3 inches apart. Loop your line through the last bead so you can adjust the distance between your hook, and your blades. This set up will work good in the weed cover they like because the spinning blades help to keep the weeds from getting to your hook. And the wire hooks will bend off a snag most of the time. A crawler works well, but in tougher weeds use a single hook and a leech as they do not tear apart very easy. I have used this system to land countless Walleyes over the years. Lakes

    Different blades will have a different amount of water resistance. A broad blade will rotate at a greater angle to the shaft. The larger the blade of the same shape will also increase the resistance.
With this in mind, the higher the resistance, the shallower the Harness will run at the same speed. This gives you a way of controlling your depth at a given speed.
    Try different colors and blades. I use a split shot up the line about 18" and vary the size till its running just through the tops of the weeds. Have fun and release your catch.

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